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Waste is recyclable in many parts of the world but before that; don’t you think life would be so much better if waste could significantly be reduced? Well, the whole essence of recycling was triggered by the need for rubbish clearance among other reasons such as saving on scarce available resources like water. With the 3 listed below requirements, the menace of waste management could be a thing of the past:

An indoor kitchen compost bin is necessary for waste collection which is later transferred to the outdoor compost area or the compost program provided by the municipal. Items that can be composed include paper, food waste, and containers that are compostable.

b. Recycling Bins

You need to learn about what to recycle and when to recycle it. Items that are commonly recycled are such as plastics, glass, and cardboard packaged items.!


the boy in the tea.

by arianne

he digs in pits with his bare hands.
turning soil and caring only to dig deeper.

his feet are perpetually dirty (and shoeless).
he is a lover and a fighter. but you need only stick out a lower lip
and he’d lasso the moon for you.

these gorgeous shorts and jacket were sent to him c/o Tea.
don’t you just want to don snappy clothes
and dig with him?

i love the tea blog for plenty of awesome -
one awesome is their “behind the design”.
this feature on the pants jonah is wearing here is so cool!

there’s a pretty awesome tea giveaway over at my blog -
$100 to get you a few gorgeous Tea pieces for you and yours.




Studio Jewel

by sarasophia

There are some things that have soul.
Whether made of brass or silver or cloth or cotton….
You can feel the heartbeat in them.

Today as I head off to Blissdom and to make preparations for the
Handmade Marketplace—I will be wearing the warm glow
of Studio Jewel magic wrapped ’round my fingers;
hemming in my dreams.

They are my good luck charms—worn through Paris, London
and the gentle path of the everyday.

(I want this to the point of not being able to stand it.
I’m pretty sure I psychologically dyed my hair to match ;)


I hope every single one of you will join us for Blissdom’s Handmade Marketplace.
Arianne and I have been burning the midnight oil and fluttering fairy wings to bring you
the most magical surroundings to discover new shops and wonderful hand-crafted pretties.

Studio Jewel will be there pulsing out ethereal light as always.

Come see the gorgeousness.
Its waiting for you.




by sarasophia

(I would be lying if I told you writing this post didn’t make me shed a few tears,
my baby girl has gotten so big!)


My friend Kim sent us our first little PrairieMama dresses
when Pixie was about 16 months old.

She upcycled all my old favorite t-shirts that had been languishing in my closet.
And OH the cute that emerged.

I have a thousand pictures in these little outfits.
Pixie wore them everywhere—and when we finally finished remodeling her little room,
they were the first thing she’d grab off the shelves we’d built so she could reach.

She called them her “Mommy Dresses”
when I told her they were made out of my old shirts <3

I loved everything about these easy little shifts.
We could pull them over long sleeved shirts in the winter,
run about barefoot in them in the summer,
and even as I watched them grow shorter and shorter
—-she was still begging to wear them.

So they morphed into tunics.

I think Kim puts magical fairy dust in her stitches.

Whatever the reason—PrairieMama creations are something very special.

They are part of the story of my daughters childhood
and that makes me so, so glad <3

Thank you Kim for sharing your heart and creativity with my family.
We love you.

Please come see Kim’s gorgeous little dresses, slings, and other cuteness
at the Blissdom Handmade Marketplace!!
I just know they will add magic to your little one’s closet too.
(and a few of her upcycled pieces are made out of several of my prettiest tees…yay!)

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Allora Handmade

by sarasophia

I thought your weekend could use an infinite amount of pretty.

Moments of grace to dance to when no one is looking.

And moments where you won’t care if they are.

There is a secret garden of roses in my heart,
and a winding path that leads up a hill.

Meet me there.


Color your world with wonder and rosies.


Please come visit Allora Handmade’s booth at the Handmade Marketplace next week—
there will be rosies galore and magic to spare.
You know you can’t resist these <3

See you there!