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I’m so excited to be participating in Gussy’s Inspiration Workshop this year! 
This month’s prompt: Bedroom

We are still working on our bedroom, so I don’t have a tour just yet,
but I gathered a few images that inspire my decor in my current bedroom.

Love this pretty little vignette from Elsie.
Sets the perfect aesthetic for masculine and feminine don’t you think?

I’ve been itching to get a really fabulous tapestry
and hang it on my bedroom ceiling.
Draped, almost tent-like.
Love this santa fe themed one from Urban

I am still not over the chevron trend.
Nope, not even close.
I have shams in this chevron print
and they make me so happy!

I think this mod sun pillow would be perfect on my bed.
And the Red Velvet girls even have a tute for it here.

I def need organizational help,
and I’m over the moon for this yarn idea (from Peace, Love & Crafts).
Isn’t it the cutest??

We still need a nightlight in our room
since I’m nursing sweet baby River
and I think this camera fashioned into a light (via Modern Kiddo)
is beyond epic.

Don’t you?

Hopefully soon we’ll be done
with the design we’re working on for my bedroom
and I can give you a tour!

Thanks to Gussy for the inspiration!
Be sure to check out the other lovelies and their ideas.




I’m wishing for things to warm up next to on this freezing cold night.
How about you?

(clockwise from top left)

Calla Blossom Tights
Recycled Arm Warmers
Sheets Fine Art Photograph
Sweet Foxy Brooch
Vintage Hooded Wool Coat
Gray Mug Cozy

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SHE LIKED to keep her hands busy.
My great-grandmother Pearl.
Not the same great-grandmother that did the tatting,
but one who did something else I just had to share.

Behold. My pillowcases.

These pillows (above) I took straight off my bed to show you.

Because, yes. I totally use them.
{I know she’d want me to.}

My photos don’t even do these justice,
but you can imagine the silky feel of each petal.

Oh, and that’s not all.
These pillowcases have friends.

I feel a stirring of a time in front of a fire,
and I imagine how long each pillowcase took to create,
during which war they were sewn,
which family loss they endured.
And I fall in love with Pearl all over again.

These have held the tears and dreams of an age that was entirely different
yet so much the same.
I imagine the stories they hold.
I’m honored to add mine too.

<3, Ari


I decided that among my handmade gifts this year there would be plenty of “yum”. That is, I’d be spreading the love with food gifts whenever possible.

The fun part of favor and treat gifts? Figuring out what to package the goodies in!


How about a Yule Log Box?

I got inspired by Martha’s

but made my own funky version that I absolutely adore.

Here’s how I did it:

- Cylinder box–as you can see I used a container that once was an frozen ice cream sandwich box (sidenote: YUM). The lid can be taken on and off, and it’s nice and big.  Check the freezer section at your store and see if there’s any products packaged this way.  You can also use a toilet paper tube and two wooden discs like Martha did, or find your own cylinder boxes at the craft store.

- Fabric, for covering the box

- Spray adhesive

- Craft glue

- Glitter

- Decorative items (more on this later – feathers, buttons, sequins, felted items, etc)

- Cardstock (will only need a small rectangle 2 x 1 in size)

- Felt, coordinating color (will only need two small rectangles, each 2 x 1 in size)

- Embroidery thread and needle (not pictured)

- Glue gun (not pictured)

- Scissors (not pictured)

- One sheet of newspaper (not pictured)

- Treats to fill (I used homemade turtles)


1. Measure your box and cut fabric to fit. You may need two layers if your box has printing like mine did (press with an iron if needed).

2.  Spray the adhesive onto each fabric piece and gently wrap around the box. This adhesive is so forgiving, you can make sure you have everything straight and smooth.  In the photo below you can see why I needed two pieces of fabric – you can see the lettering from the box.

3. Now we begin the fun part! The decorations! Look at your stash and see what you can create. Put together unexpected items and kick everything up a notch.  This is where we make the “nature scene” on our Yule Log.

4.  Use fabric scraps to create rosettes – here I’m wrapping and folding and twisting around and around to create the first small bud.

5.  With your embroidery thread that you already have out – put a few stitches into the rosette to hold it. Up and back down the middle center, then back and forth along the bottom to hold.

6.  Next fancy up some felt leaves – these are actually felted leaves from the craft store to make my work extra fluffy.  Using the embroidery thread again, stitch your own designs into the leaves.

7. Add glitter to any of your items by simply adding craft glue and gently showering with glitter. I glittered this large button as well as the edges of some of my feathers.

8.  Once you have all your decorative items done you can begin assembling and decorating the yule log.  I laid out what my creation would look like beforehand then slowly glued each piece onto the box.

9.  As soon as all your pieces are attached to the box you’ll notice it keeps rolling over. Grab the felt and card stock and create a sturdy “stand” for the yule log by gluing the cardstock between two layers of felt.

I cut mine to about 2 x 1 size.

Glue to the underside (I made mine attach to the seam where the fabric meets) to keep your decorative side exactly where you want it.

10.  Your box is almost done! Time to fill.

11.  Grab newspaper and your treats.  Try not to eat them all.

12.  Fold newspaper into a cone shape, fold in half. Insert gently into the box.

13.  Fill with the treats!

14.  Your box is done! Add your own gift tag and see how pretty it looks under the tree.

15.  There’s still time to make a bunch of these, and spend the last days before Christmas keeping little (or big) hands off the goodies.




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