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theo chocolate.

by ashleigh

when the days are long

when the nights are short

when her mind is scattered to the four winds

and she can’t even remember the name of today

when her mascara has smudged

when her hair needs washing

when her posy-print jammies

have become the wardrobe of choice

when the refrigerator is bare

when the coffee jar is empty

when the sink overflows

with unrinsed dishes

it is then,


a girl needs to fill the house

with the magical melodies of Tanya Davis or Carole King

draw a pool of rose-scented bubbles in a claw-foot tub

light a hundred candles






I am completely head over heels in love with Theo chocolates.

Each delectable piece is not only wrapped in epic art that makes my soul happy, but Theo chocolate is handmade, organic and fair trade.

The packing confetti smells of cocoa and even the foam peanuts are water soluble and made from cornstarch.

Salted, apple cider or peppermint caramels. Milky bars, dipped marshmallows and sipping chocolate. Spectacular confections and chocolate nibs.

You know you need some.

{Or all of it?}


“So long as the sugar is on the tongue, you feel the sweetness in taste.

Similarly, so long as the heart has love, peace and devotion, you feel the bliss.”

~ Brillat-Savarin

We pick Theo Chocolate because it brings the lovely to dessert.

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1 yarnbelle November 28, 2010 at 5:18 pm

You are magic. I’ve had quite a few ‘Theo chocolate’ nights lately and this post rang so true <3


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